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Sandra Passirani

Nîn Lhûn

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I grew up in the midst of herbal teas and clay poultices. I observed how to use the Mauritian and Indian remedies on the side of my mother and Franco Italian on the side of my father. Two lines of healers who understood that the healing power is found in the one who can listen to his body.

So I first decided to listen to my body in my own way. After general scientific studies, I turn to dance. I will make it my job for more than ten years in New York. But the irony of the dancer is that by applying himself to master his body, we learn above all to silence him.

We all know that the body has a lot to tell us and that if ignored for too long ...

But I still pull a little on the rope and I become a private and corporate sports coach. From Time Square to the Upper East Side, from pregnant women to CEOs, my methods are bearing fruit. From my success is born a timetable worthy of this city at a hundred an hour and my body will finish out of breath. The doctors recommend one injection per week, enough is enough.

I have no choice but to listen to this body. I decide to leave town and take care of the animals in a vegan sanctuary in Woodstock. In the silence of Mother Nature, the goats whisper their secrets to me and remind me of mine. I decide to no longer ignore the emotions behind my ailments. It's time to heal for real. I remember family remedies and they remind me of them. I plate everything and I come back to France.

Back in the fold, everything in me seems to need a new breath. I have to learn to be myself and slow down. Fast and silence until my life path regains meaning. It is to register for my first training in energy care that I will speak again, I did find my way.

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