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Nature of treatment

This therapy aims to restore the consistency of altered information in your physical and subtle bodies, and to stimulate your body's self-healing capacity.

Quantum medicine is a medicine that uses the intelligence of the body and the energy that drives it. She explores a field of infinite possibilities, which is not limited by matter. Our cells are therefore no longer defined solely by chemical reactions between them, but no longer by the nature and quality of the information they exchange. Thus we become aware of our power of co-creation in our life experiences, and of the importance of what we radiate.

You are moving towards more energy, better management of emotions, good health, personal fulfillment, and more ease in your choices. May your decision-making be consistent with your soul and your life mission.

Your emotions, your history and your environment have a big impact on your health.

Physical pathologies are the last resort that ignored information has found, to get our attention. If we don't listen to our soul, the body makes itself heard.

Here are some examples of leads that can come up to us during a treatment:

- An emotional shock:

A traumatic event or situation leaves an imprint on our energy structure, and therefore physical. It is also possible that this results in a form of programming of our unconscious. Like a pattern that will happen on different scales throughout our lives. These are often painful themes such as abandonment, betrayal, injustice ... We aim to reduce (or even eliminate) their impact on you, and to give you real freedom in your reactions.

- The Transgenerational:

What our ancestors lived is written in us, even in our DNA. Epigenetics enlightens us on our ability to modify our DNA throughout our lives. These DNA corrections are done, for example, when we undergo experiments with a strong emotional charge. It is as if traumatic memory is part of our genes ... which we transmit.

Thus, a strong emotion felt (and buried), by a grandfather or a great grandmother could register (be coded) in the DNA from which we inherited and be activated, thus influencing our life in a way unconscious ..

There is often a notion of fatality in our popular beliefs: "it's in its genes" .. But the fact that certain genes will be used by a cell or not depends on our environment. This environment includes our emotions, and more importantly, our awareness.

What our ancestors lived can make our strength, but certain aspects, if ignored, can be an obstacle to our own development and well-being.

- Karmic origin:

If it is a notion that is part of your belief system, we will deal with traces that your soul keeps during the journey of its lives. It is not about the concept of bad or good karma. Just from past lives that help you better understand what you are going through today.

- Our environment:

This includes everything around us and all of our daily choices. Housing, work, food, medicine ...

All that can constitute a parasite for our vibrational field. The higher your vibrational field, the easier it is for you to find your way back to what you really are.

These are just a few examples. We are wonderfully complex beings, with a life force close to that of nature around us. This therapy is above all a highlight of all the magic that animates you and already shines in you.

Happy transformation to you!

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